Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Library Summer Reading Game & Party

Mikro completed the library's summer reading game. The theme, in keeping with this year's Quadricentennial, was Read Along the Hudson.

Each week, the kids had to read a book (it may have been more than that for the older kids, not sure...) and tell the librarian about it. So, not only did Mikro keep improving as a reader, he also got to practice narration as well. All of the books on his list are ones he read all by himself, out loud, to me. After doing the narration, he was given a sticker to place on his game board, signaling completion of that week, and was then allowed to pick a prize from the treasure chest.

On Saturday, there was a fun party to celebrate the program. There were games to play to win books and prizes, face painting, snacks (not for food allergy boy), crafts, pattern blocks, a bean bin, etc. Mikro was really happy to win a set of Magic Treehouse books. And I was really happy when he chose The Art Pack as one of his prizes when he saw me drooling over it. It will come in handy in our art studies...

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jugglingpaynes said...

Looks like he had fun!

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