Thursday, January 13, 2011

Contagious and (Finally!) Connected

You know you are addicted to the internet when 24 hours of DSL outage is absolutely nerve wracking... No email, no friends blogs to read, and since I am sick as a dog, not much else to do but drink tea and wallow in my misery while tossing books at the boy. (And today he had me cutting out micro-organisms-- "Hey mom, can you cut me out a paramecium? How about a euglena?"-- and wondering what the critters in the back of my sore throat look like...) I am so dizzy I don't consider myself safe to drive-- for about the 4th day now. And I have about 20 overdue library books that are just screaming "Get well soon and stop the fines accruing..." I think I'm giving my quarterly report to Kev to mail tomorrow, rather than drive over and hand deliver as I usually do... At least so far, I'm the only one sick...


jugglingpaynes said...

Feel better soon!
I can't believe you hand deliver your quarterlies. You're so nice. When I started reporting, I was told by...everyone really, that I should send it in certified mail even if I live across the street from the school district!

Peace and Laughter and Health!!!

FairyLover said...

Feel better.