Friday, January 21, 2011

Poets House Class Visit for K-2 Kids

On Wednesday, we took a tour of Poets House with our homeschool group. The kids got to visit the grown-up poetry library, look at the cool shadow boxes commemorating the annual fundraising walks over the Brooklyn Bridge, see the program room where readings happen, listen to rhyming poems, haiku and free verse, and explore the Children's Room.

Thank you, Mike and Annie, for an enjoyable visit!

Mikro was inspired by a book of winter acrostic poems, and the puppets and stuffed animals in the Children's Room, and dictated two acrostics:

L ong tail
I n his territory
O n his prey
N ot surrendering.

O ut of his shell
Y ellowy
S lime
T trapped no more
E scaped
R unning

(He kept pulling the Oyster puppet out of its shell and pretending it was going wandering..)

And now he is eagerly pouring over LEGO catalogs, and requesting one of the Atlantis sets (8061), which he has dubbed "Cephalopod Casino." I have *no* idea where he gets this stuff! He definitely has a thing for mollusks...

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