Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowstorm with Haiku

After we left Poets House, we crossed the street and admired the beauty of Rockefeller Park in the snow. Mikro and a friend even enjoyed the snow covered playground and rode the bike carousel. Then we walked back to the subway and headed home.

The snow and Poets House inspired me to come up with a couple of haiku, which I scrawled on the back of an envelope...

Carousels are meant
For warm spring and summer days
Yet are fun in snow.

Pale green and blush pink
The buds of new life appear
Wearing icicles.

Mother Nature turns
Gingerbread iron work to lace.
Paints it blizzard white.

Open wide, stick out tongue.
Not for the pediatrician.
Catch yourself some snow!

The Hudson was full of ice flows, and at times the fog and snow obscured the opposite bank. Mikro probably annoyed our fellow passengers singing this song:

Tugboat pushin' that barge along
Whistle blowin' that sweet river song
Smokestack black like a Hudson night
Tugboat pushin' that barge outta sight!

I think he's ready for the next Clearwater Festival!

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