Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinosaurs ROC

Our NYC homeschool community is blessed to have a wonderful resource center run by a homeschool mom, and this week, they offered an amazing day of learning and fun (for free!) The American Museum of Natural History parked its traveling dinosaur bus museum out front and the kids (by age group) first had a session with the AMNH educator, then boarded the bus and enjoyed the very hands on exhibits, and chose a dinosaur to draw and answer questions about. Mikro picked Coelophysis.

Afer the bus, there were other activities to do at the ROC-- a simulated dinosaur dig (which Mikro absolutely loved and spent a huge amount of time at); a moving diorama (with a cardboard camshaft system) to build, and other stations (fossils from dough and pasta, for example, though Mikro gave a pass to anything involving his allergens). And there was a huge resource sale. I got some great math and science things for very little cost, but had to ask Kev to meet us to help me carry them home!

We had a great time, and will definitely be checking out classes at the ROC when our finances stabilize.

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