Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

I'm sort of a week behind on this, as my first bullet point will explain...

Things That Are Making Me Happy:

  • A clear airway! I can breathe! I've been sick as a dog all week with something that seems like bronchitis' ugly step sister. Today is the first day I have been able to be upright and moving around without breaking out into a sweat like a horse that's been run too hard. So yeah, breathing (even if it isn't 100 percent yet) and not soaking and shivering, that brings a smile to my chapped, crusty face.

  • Kev has a job interview tomorrow. He's already had 2 phone interviews, including a tech interview, for this position, which is contract-to-hire for slightly more money that he was making after his paycut. Tomorrow is the face to face. Good thoughts & vibes most appreciated.

  • Thrift stores. Kev was able to dress like a bum at his last job (which is one reason he loves IT to begin with), but it is looking like he might land somewhere that he has to dress like a grownup. He has one suit that he bought for a friend's wedding. Well, today, I scored two suits, two nice dress shirts, and a heavily lined London Fog trench coat for him (plus a kiddie steel drum, tie dyed sweatshirt and multiple long sleeved thermal shirts for Mikro) for under a hundred bucks. Woot.

  • Doodling. I have tried to draw something every day, even when I was sick. I have a nifty little art journal thingee going, that makes me smile. I've also mostly kept up on my paper journals and I've been playing with Derwent Inktense blocks, which are a lot of fun. I am itchy to paint. As in, for real, on some canvas. I'm also coming up with tons of things I want to try, like embroidery (mostly thinking of this as a mixed media thing).

  • Mikro's growing self sufficiency and willingness to take responsibility for getting his work done. I almost hesitate to say this, lest I jinx it. He has been so good about carrying on independently when I was too sick to do much, and Kev stepped up as well, and did a lot of science with him. Math videos worked too.

  • Music. I'm really enjoying writing lyrics, and I desperatey want to be able to at least strum along when I sing. I have never played a stringed instrument in my life. (I am an old and now chop-less trumpet player.) But I'm gonna learn. And I am going to start trying to learn (and teach Mikro) recorder, too. Winter seems the perfect time to learn some music.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Sending lots of love and luck for a good interview!

Good luck on learning to play a stringed instrument. I think it's great that your learning.

Peace and Laughter,