Friday, February 24, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Things That Make Me Happy:

  • Music! Today Mikro and I learned notes B, A and G on our recorders, and played two practice exercises. I have the advantage here, because I read music, but I am working on teaching kiddo. (That seems like it will be harder for him than the fingering...) I got excited and went a little farther than he did and managed to play two simple tunes: Hot Crossed Buns and Merrily We Roll Along. Not bad for our first day. I also just finished reading a very interesting book called Guitar Zero, about the science of learning to play guitar/ becoming musical (especially in your forties, something the author and I have in common, though for me it's mandolin... and recorder.)

  • Kev, who made endless cups of tea for me and pitched in in all sorts of ways as I struggled with the Unending Chest Cold. Still dealing with the tail end of it, but it's on its way out.

  • A (cluttered, because C is my middle initial and it stands for clutter... or maybe creative chaos) desk that is once again functional. You don't wanna know how bad it was before I did a little reorganizing. It's covered in art supplies and toys. But they aren't across the entire horizontal surface anymore...

  • The weird weather. Yesterday it was spring-like, and last night it snowed. But we made hay while the sun shined and went to the park yesterday. I got to ogle my river and make a couple of quick sketches, and Mikro got to play on the playground with his latest set of instant fast friends.

  • The library. Honestly, they make homeschooling so easy. We have some great books out. Still trickling through the last of our Africa books before we move on, plus we have some really cool books about music and the orchestra out. And we signed up for the Highlights Magazine U.S. geography club called Which Way USA, and are supplementing with books from the library. We're getting started with our first two states, New York and California. And some science and math videos, some graphic novels, some poetry... It's a feast, really, that comes home in my library bags.

  • Art supplies. I am having so much fun playing in my sketchbook. Last week was sketching safari animals in ink, this week I'm goofing around with colored pencil landscapes. And it is a real joy to watch my fine motor challenged kid start catching up and developing a real interest in art & crafts. This morning he made his own paper alien with moving joints. (This was inspired by this week's episode of Face Off, which we watch as a family. The boy has announced that he would like a monster makeup kit someday...) Here are some of his recent crafts-- antelope and lizard masks inspired by our Africa unit.

  • Friends old and new. Phone calls from near and far and a visit out to Pennsylvania. Meeting new friends along the way.

  • Job search action. No offer yet, but he's had several second interviews for good positions, some full time, some contract.

  • Reality TV. No, really. We enjoy watching a few of the competition type shows as a family. Especially Face Off, Survivor, and Top Shot. Kev and I also watch Inkmaster and Project Runway together sometimes, and I have yet to catch it, but I am looking forward to checking out Work of Art .

  • Looking forward to the Daytona 500 this weekend, which is also a family activity here. I root for Tony Stewart (though I remain and will always be a Dale Earnhardt, Sr. fan), Kev is a Ryan Newman fan, and Mikro's loyalty is to youngster Joey Logano.

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jugglingpaynes said...

You should watch The Amazing Race on Sunday. Clown friends of mine are in it this season. :o) I'm only watching it until they are eliminated though. I can't take the high school style drama on these shows.

We have an awesome library system! I do my best to support it.

Peace and Laughter!