Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

This week's happy:

  • Kev has had lots of job search action the past couple weeks. No offers yet, but several multi-stage interviews and waiting for word...

  • Mikro's exuberant enjoyment of valentine's day, which included nontraditional gifts from mama: a lizard puppet, reptile/amphibian coloring book/field guide, and bright green hair dye (which he has begged me for.)

  • A productive and fuss-free homeschool week.

  • Improved health. Still not a hundred percent, but we're getting there. At least I got my voice back.

  • The Notepad App on my Kindle. Now when a song pops into my head in the middle of the night, I can hunt and peck my lyrics into memory before I forget them.

  • Lots of time to draw! And I *adore* the Sharpie Pen.

    Here's a look at the recent additions to my sketchbook: From the everyday, to the exotic:

  • My new obsession: this is my bargain priced mandolin. Giving up buying cups of coffee in favor of making my own made her possible. I am dying to learn to play her. I'm starting off with some DVD/CD/book learn-to-play sets, and hoping that sometime soon I'll be able to afford to take some lessons...

    Life is exciting when you're learning something new, or brushing up on skills that have grown rusty!

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