Sunday, August 26, 2012

Critter Safari After Dark


Have you ever taken a night time critter safari with your kids? We did, and Mikro had so much fun. We saw some ants, beetles, crickets and an immature katydid.

ant beetle

cricket imaturekatydid

And, of course, lots of spiders!

mediumspider smallspiderwithweb

This one was busy dining on prey caught in his web:

spiderwithprey1 spiderwithpreycloseup

spiderwpreycloseip2 spiderwpreywkevsfingersforscale
(Those are my husband's fingers, to give you a sense of the size of this spider.)

And this one (who was much bigger than the previous one) had a hideout made of leaves stuck together with silk, where she retreated when we tried to get a photo of her:

howtobuildatrap spiderinatrap

spiderintrapcloseup spideroutoftrap


What a fun way to spend a summer evening! And the lid from my iced coffee came in handy as an improvised diffuser for my flash! Without it, the critters just whited out.

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