Thursday, August 2, 2012

Every Day Matters Challenges

Danny Gregory has started doing the Every Day Matters challenges over from the beginning of the list, and I am trying to play along. I'm also trying to get Mikro to, but he's more interested in drawing the fantastical than the every day...

Anyway, here are a few recent pages from my sketchbook:










These were done with a Sharpie Pen (and occasionally Sharpie Liquid Pencil) in a 4x6 Daler Rowney hardbound sketchbook which has been beat up in my bag. These sketches start in the back of the book and move inwards toward the center, as the front is reserved for Zentangle Inspired Art Journal Prompts. I like these little books because, unlike my bigger and clunkier sketchbooks, these actually make it into my bag and get carried every day.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Lovely work!

I'm curious, do the new Sharpies bleed? I remember we were always told by our art teachers not to use them, because they tended to bleed through and could potentially ruin any artwork near them. But that was twenty~... years ago, so I would hope they've improved!

Peace and Laughter!