Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not Back to School Student Photo

I usually wait till the first week of September to take our NBTS photo, but since this is student photo week on the Not Back to School Blog Hop, I'm a little early this year. We will do our traditional NBTS Picnic & Parkschooling kickoff to the new school year in early September as usual...
Not Back to School Blog Hop
So, here he is, my nine and (almost) a half year old, standing in front of the Hudson River, for which our happy homeschool is named:


His IHIP says he's a third grader, but he is the poster child for asynchronous development. He's doing 4th or 5th grade math and middle school to high school level science and history, and he composes stories that are at least middle school level, but has the handwriting of a kindergartener. He talks like a 40 year old, but has sensory issues and is a little "young" emotionally. He has a strong sense of justice and fair play, and he truly believes the credo One World, One People. He's loving, sensitive, funny, creative, curious almost to a fault, and I could not be more happy to be his mama. But when people ask his grade, we tend to hem and haw... He's lucky enough not to have to fit in anyone else's rigid little box, since he's homeschooled.


I also built us a new header image for Homeschooling on Hudson:


Most of the old ones are at the bottom of my blog, if you scroll all.....the......way down.

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