Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Science at SMLI: Robotics

While the parents enjoyed a peaceful fall day, the kids made robots last week at SMLI. You know my little geeky boy loved that! He calls his bot Project Lunar Scorpio.



But maybe even more than robots, he loved acquiring two new lizards, given to him by a homeschooled friend.

Meet Galileo and Leonardo:

Galileo dropped her tail, but she has the more confident temperment. She is curious and extremely active.


Leonardo has an intact tail, but is shy and unsure. She hides the moment she sees us coming. She likes to burrow under the driftwood in her enclosure. When she doesn't know we are there, she is very active, too.


Both are doing well in their new home, and enjoying the steady supply of pin crickets. I think they may also be nibbling at the blackberries I gave them....

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