Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Harvest Program at NYBG

The Botanic Gardens is one of Mikro's favorite places. He was thrilled to have a class there with our homeschool group. The theme was the Fall Harvest. They heard a story about "the Little Red House With No Door and No Windows and a Star Inside." Can you guess what it is?

And they talked about the lifecycle of a pumpkin, and put together a vine, leaves, flowers, and finally fruit.

They look at seasonal fruits, and learned how cranberries grow and how to tell that they are ripe. Then they had a yummy harvest snack of dried apples, cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

Afterwards, there was a fall scavenger hunt, lunch, exploring the gardens, and crafts and activities at the Everett Children's Adventure Garden with our friends.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

What a way to enjoy fall! We are having fun with our fall activities as well. This is such a sweet season.