Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hudson River Day

And even more Quadricentenial!

Hudson River Day at the Croton Yacht Club was a lovely event. There were lectures about the river's history and ecology, as well as a host of activities for kids to enjoy. Mikro made a couple of boats, met local authors Mitchell Bring (and received a signed, second copy of his My Mighty Hudson, since we wore out our original, much used and loved, copy) and Ann Palm Reibel (and helped her demonstrate boat making at her booth for Henry Hudson's Shoe). He made "fossils" and colored an environmental coloring book, saw local fish species on display in tanks, and straight from the seining net (his current favorite Hudson River denizen is the American Eel), boarded our police department's river patrol boat and pretended to drive it (with the biggest grin I think I've ever seen on his face!), floated his boats in a kiddie pool provided for the purpose, and made a super cool fish print shirt.

What a fun day!

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