Friday, October 2, 2009

Hudson River Linky Love

The history and natural history of the Hudson River is a major focus of our studies this year. I want to share some of the resources we have enjoyed lately.

Hudson Talbott's River of Dreams is being made into a musical! That will be a must see for our river-loving family. Listen to Hudson Talbott speak here.

Mitchell Bring's My Mighty Hudsonis a terrific jumping off point for discussions about history, science and nature. Mikro particularly loved learning about how salinity and pH affect fish, the changes brought about by the advent of railroads and steamships, and pollution and efforts to combat it (Pete Seeger, who wrote the Forward for this book, is one of my six year old's personal heroes).

Scenic Hudson Valley has downloadable education materials, including an activity guide and guide to how climate change is affecting the Hudson Valley.

Download an audio tour, map and brochure of a walking tour of 17th Century Dutch New York. FREE!

Download a free book about Henry Hudson and a free 3d diagram of his ship, the Half Moon.

Listen to Ranger Stories about New York Harbor and its environs.

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