Friday, January 8, 2010

Frozen on Hudson and the Hudson River Museum

It's snowing again, and we get to slog through it to go to the circus. Whoopee! (Not.) I'm sure Mikro will be thrilled, but me, not so much. It's pretty enough, but I could do without the cold, wet and slippery. I will give it credit for loveliness.

Yesterday we went to the Hudson River Museum and saw the Dutch New York exhibit, which closes Sunday. We also saw Riverama, which Mikro really enjoyed. Very hands on, and about our beloved Hudson River and its wildlife. What's not to like? Unfortunately, HRM only allows flashless photography, and my hands shake, so I have only blurry pictures to remember it by. Mikro surprised me by enjoying the mansion, as well. House tours don't usually do it for him, but then again, this one had the spectacular river views, a stuffed peacock, and a mounted buffalo head, so I guess there were some little boy friendly bits...

On the train ride down, the river was icey, and fun to photograph. We looked for eagles, but didn't spot any. Probably too late in the day...

At the museum:

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