Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday Science, and More

At science class, the kids examined "evidence" left behind by burglary suspects and learned about truth tables. They also learned about using senses other than sight in detective work, and played a smell matching game.

Afterwards, we spent some time in the library reading poetry, then went to the playground across the street with some of our friends.

Mikro is really enjoying poetry at the moment. We read a bunch of Jack Prelutsky's work, including a haiku book (and we learned about how to count syllables by humming, and the structure of a haiku), and what boy could resist a book of poems about dragons?

After the playground, we returned to the library for a special presentation by Wildlife Conservation Society's Wildlife Theater on rainforests, featuring Captain Cocoa. It was lots of fun, and Mikro the Ham got to participate quite a bit. (And took a ridiculously theatrical bow at the end...) Then we picked a rainforest book to read.

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