Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday Science

We've been braving the cold to go into the city for classes and field trips. Tuesday, I was reading The Lightning Thief to Mikro as we pulled out of the train station, when I got a healthy dose of photographer's remorse. While my camera sat packed away in my backpack, a trio of bald eagles flew by-- one adult and two immatures. One of the young eagles came within 20 feet of my window. And I missed the shot. Sigh. Well, at least we got to see them!

Tuesday was our first class in a ten week series on "Spy Science". The kids were asked to think of a spy gadget that could be invented and draw it. Mikro drew poison ink being shot from a pen.

Next, they got to experiment with gadgets such as a metal detector (find the hidden metal objects), walkie talkies (be stealthy enough so your radio partner hears you, but the room at large does not), and faux Night Vision Goggles (use them to read a card in a dark location and memorize the objects on it).

Mad Science provides the kids with a "Take Home" at the end of each class. This time, they got to assemble a cardstock "camera" that is essentially a sideways periscope-- you appear to be looking forward, but the mirror inside the box is allowing you to observe things off to the side.

Mikro had a blast.

Afterwards, we hung out in the library and read some science books, and some Greek mythology.

Mikro has been fascinated with magnets since we picked some up at the AMNH last week. So it was easy to figure out what to read about...

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