Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homeschool Update

It's that time again --- quarterly reports are due, so I have finally pulled together our reading and resource log. I don't usually bother to write things down, because I'm too good at mislaying notebooks, so I just take a photo of everything as he finishes it, then aggregate the photos and go from there. (I do have calendar notes about field trips, TV programs, and computer work, but this is the best way of tracking the books and videos that I've found yet...) This is about half the material (from August to now), since I did an update post in early August that had all of July in it. And I have a good jump on drafting the quarterly. Whew. He's done a lot of history and math. He now professes a love for geometry, and I think The Number Devil may be his favorite book ever. Lord knows he loves the computer game (which he didn't get to play till he finished the book). And Ancient Africa is turning out to be a very interesting study. I knew nothing about it until now. It is amazing how much I *didn't* get in school, even in Gifted & Talented programs.... I love that I get to learn so much now, right along with Mikro. Homeschooling may be a lot of work, but it sure is fun!

US History and Geography:

Ancient History, Mythology, Folktales:

Fun Reading:



Library Skills:




jugglingpaynes said...

*groan* Quarterlies already?

And I'm glad it's another homeschooler taking out the Schlessinger(?) Media Ancient series. Those are good.

Peace and Laughter,

FairyLover said...

Thanks for the idea on the Marvelous Multiplication book. I just ordered it. I hope it helps with my kid who thinks multiplication is the silliest thing he has ever heard of and knows that it has no practical value ever.