Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maker Faire NYC, Day Two

Day 2 at Maker Faire we decided to play it by ear, rather than adhere to a schedule. We started the day back in the crafts area, where Mikro visited with some upcycling artists and learned to make polyhedrons from pop bottles, an amazingly simple and fun activity that we definitely will be trying at home, once we get a stash of bottles together.

We spent a lot of time checking out the 3D Printer Village and Maker Pavilion areas. My spine decided that I had tortured it enough and let me know in a big way that if I wanted to walk the rest of the week, I had to take a break. So Mikro and Kev toured the Steampunk area and much of the 3D Printer area without me, while I communed with a large cup of coffee and a pain patch.

GoKiRin was open for climbing upon and checking out, so Mikro had a blast wagging a dragon's tail and checking out the view from inside the belly of the beast.

We saw the very awesome Tesla Coil rock music show performed by Arc Attack in the Great Hall (first time we have been inside that amazing stained glass space), and later went to the Eepybird Diet Coke and Mentos show (which was a major mistake for me. There was no provision for people who could not stand that long, so in order to make my kid happy, I wedged myself onto my cane and hoped for the best. The crowd was pushing and shoving and just plain rude, particularly the overly entitled people who arrived at the last minute and thought they should be able to force their way to the front, body blocking as desired. I got my cane kicked out from under me a couple of times, nearly falling and wrenching everything that really could have stood not to be wrenched... And an idiot proceeded to literally plough his kids through me and the cane using woman in front of me, despite protests that we were using canes and likely to be knocked over, then got an attitude when told there was no way *he* was fitting through without injuring someone. Grrrr. An otherwise fantastic experience tarnished by ableist jerks.) After that, I was in way too much pain to care much about leaving a bit early. We managed to take a quick look through the crafts area on our way out.

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