Saturday, November 12, 2011

If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny...

The New York Times Student Opinion Page asked kids aged 13-18 to comment about whether they would want to be homeschooled and whether they think homeschooling adequately prepares kids for "the real world".

What follows is a collection of startlingly ignorant group-think which supposes that homeschoolers are prisoners in their homes who never interact with other people or make friends. Ah, yes, the socialization trope... Where have we heard that one before?

On about page 2 of the comments and thereafter, the homeschooled kids respond.

Compare and contrast the grammar, spelling and ability to reason on display in the homeschooler comments versus the schooled kid responses, and you have what may amount to the best possible argument for homeschooling ever.

Thanks, NYT, for the backhanded compliment homeschooling gets here.

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jugglingpaynes said...

We read through about a page and a half of the comments. What I found most interesting was that you could tell a number of the comments were done as a class project. What mystified me was that the instructor didn't bother to check their work before posting. We actually did find it funny because all of them were repeating the same thing, as if they were parroting a discussion they had in class before writing.

What I find sad is that only the homeschoolers seemed to be actually reading the discussion, and possibly the article itself. It frightens me that we are creating a society of opinionated prima donnas that don't feel the need to look at both sides of of an issue before taking a position.

Peace and Laughter,