Friday, March 21, 2008

Gramma & Grampa

We spent Good Friday at my parents' house. Mom wanted to dye easter eggs with Mikro, so we set up for that, but he lost interest and I wound up doing all the work. When we were done, we had so much pretty dye left, I didn't want to waste it. My dad donated a Tshirt to the cause, and I did a very impromptu tie dye job on it. Dad loved it, but says he's too old to wear it, so it came home with me, along with all the extra egg dye, and lots of encouragement for selling tie dye Ts on the internet. Heh, my dad has a little hippie in his soul afterall. Gramma & Grampa had the same idea I did for Easter goodies, and showered Mikro with dinosaur stuff. My mom tells me my dad is telling the cashiers at the toy stores about how his grandson has food allergies, and so he's getting toys instead of candy for easter... It is wonderful to see my dad and Mikro playing together. When we got home, an exhausted Mikro proclaimed that maybe we shouldn't go back to gramma & grampa's because it gets him too excited! My dad almost fell off his chair laughing when I relayed the comment. Minutes later, Mikro was asking which dinosaurs he could pack next time we visit them.

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