Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kites and Kite Surfers

We went over to the park to get ourselves a park pass and book a cabin for a vacation week. They are all filled up till fall, but we have a week reserved then, and hopefully my mom and dad will join us...

As we exited the park office, we caught sight of a group of kite surfers on the river. We walked over to the beach to watch, but it was too windy and cold to stay as long as I would have liked.

Headed to the playground, where Mikro, who belies the myth about unsocialized homeschoolers, soon had two new friends. Their dad, M, rigged up a kite, and soon all three boys were flying it. How generous! Unfortunately, Mikro did managed to snag the kite in a tree, but the dads were able to get it down. Major relief! M was so unflappable and kind about the whole thing, and his boys were joyful and sweet. Next weekend there is a nature program on reptiles, at which we may see Mikro's new buddies... I hope so. They're nice!

Nature finds: goose feather, wasp's nest, active mosquito.

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