Friday, March 28, 2008

Nature Walk

We took a little nature walk to Duck Pond Park and then went to the playground. Along the way, we saw mourning doves, squirrels, juncos, ravens, sea gulls, a grackle, a house fly, a small winged ant, turkey vultures, robins, canada geese and a hawk.

Afterwards, we had a late lunch at the Diner (mmmmm, pea soup!) and then picked up some groceries. By that time, Kev was home and we could go home, which we couldn't earlier, since I managed to lock my keys in the house, and us out. Sometimes memory issues are a major pain. Speaking of which, dampness plus discs, plus arthritis, equals ouch! (Been that way pretty much all month, and my anxiety issues are triggered big time by the anniversary of my accident...) Ah, well. He still had some fun.

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