Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! Spring Has Sprung! Let's Have Fun!

Mikro's easter basket had a paleolithic flavor. Actually, it was pretty much dinosaurs, bugs and birds. No basket involved. He had a tin pail, a plush ladybug backpack, and an enormous egg. The pail was full of small nesting paper mache eggs, which had pom pom insect and easter critters inside them. He got gluten and dairy free chocolate lentils (faux m&m's) from Chocolate Emporium, in little plastic cases shaped like ladybugs and butterflies, which I picked up at CVS.

Inside his ladybug backpack, there was a Go Diego Go reptile rescue egg, which contained a plushie iguana. There was a bird shaped water whistle, a blow up puffer fish, a pair of birds which sing when you shake them, and two volcano eggs that you put in water, which causes the volcano to erupt (or split apart), revealing a tiny dinosaur. He also got a magnetic Tickle Bee game, which he figured out pretty quickly.

We have been reading The Enormous Egg, a children's book in which a hen hatches a triceratops. So the huge paper mache egg from either Hearthsong or Magic Cabin (can't recall which) was just perfect. Especially since I filled it with a triceratops puppet.

And the last thing was a Mushroom Maypole toy, which resembles the bug carousel at the Bronx Zoo which Mikro is obsessed with...

It was a beautiful warm day today, and we spent most of it playing outside. Yesterday was Kev's birthday, and today he flew the RC plane I gave him. It's one of those foam ones, so safe to fly near people and houses... Most of our neighbors were around, and the kids had a blast together. Mikro and E played in the leaves and sandbox. Later he played tag and little kid informal soccer with C and C. We told C & C's dad where to get the planes, and he drove off and got one. The dads played with the planes, with some help from their boys. Both Mikro and C managed to get their planes stuck in a tree, but the daddies managed to get them down by tossing basketballs at the branches... All in all a very nice, fun and friend filled day.

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