Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nature Center Scavenger Hunt and Leaves from my Sketchbook

The dinosaur in the preceding sketch had a staring role in a Mikro tale:

When I'm in a rocket ship going to space, I'm gonna wave bye bye to the earth. Then I'm gonna look at the moon through the window. Hey mama, you need this pointy piece for the front and then a tube shaped part for the middle and two triangles for the back. I wanna see all kinds of planets but you know what we gotta watch out for? Meteors! I'm gonna say hello to space. When we land on the moon I'm gonna look at everything on the moon. Mama, why is the moon made of rocks instead of cheese? I wanna bring a toy into the rocket. I'm gonna bring this allosaurus to outer space. This is a friendly allosaurus. This is Omarosa's youngster. She's going to take care of it. Omarosa's going on holiday because she's leaving our house for a little, but she will come back. She will fly back to earth. First she has to go to the beach. Then she goes in the woods and then she goes to the restaurant to get some yummy meat for her young. Then she's going up to the moon. Do you know why Omarosa's coming back? Because she knows that we love her!

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