Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last Zoo School Class-- Animals in Art: Patterns & Textures

At our last zoo school class in the Animals and Art sequence, we looked at patterns and textures. The kids got to meet three live animals: an Ornamental Box Turtle, a Polish Bantam Rooster, and a Guinea Pig. They learned how patterns help animals survive: Bright contrasting stripes on a coral snake warn that it is poisonous. Milksnakes and scarlet king snakes mimic the pattern to dissaude predators from eating them. Zebra stripes help the herd blend together, and may confuse predators into thinking they are looking at one massive animal. The Box Turtle's patterned scutes help him camouflage himself by blending into the forest floor.

After class, we wandered the zoo looking at animals' patterns and textures. Here are some that we noticed:


Kate in NJ said...

Awesome patterns.

Kate in NJ said...

I'm not sure if I ever let you know, but I have a small "prize"
for you on my blog.

Chele said...

Thank you, Kate! I appreciate the award and will pass it on, as soon as I can organize myself enough to post. I think we do have very similar attitudes. I'm usually so rushed around here that I rarely comment, but I really love your blog, and your book posts frequently get me into trouble on amazon. :)