Monday, March 9, 2009

Wild Wolves! at AMNH

Another of our recent field trips was the Wild Wolves program at the American Museum of Natural History. Atka, a wolf ambassador from the Wolf Conservation Society in South Salem, New York, was on hand for this talk about the reality of wild wolves, as distinct from the unfortunate big bad wolf fairy tale image that persists in giving wolves a bad rap today. We learned about wolves' vital role in a healthy ecosystem, as well as pack dynamics and basic wolf biology.

There has to be a way humans can learn to live in harmony with this beautiful creature. To see it disappear forever, or become a zoo curiosity utterly banished from the wild, would sadden me beyond measure. I am so disheartened to hear that the Obama administration has chosen to let stand the Bush administration's eleventh hour delisting of the Grey Wolf as an endangered species. While there may be "enough wolves" to satisfy our government at the moment, given their status as victims of misguided hatred and a campaign of extermination, one would hope we wouldn't have to watch their numbers plummet again before learning our lesson...


Kate in NJ said...

I was sickened by the news as well.
I wrote an e-mail to Secretary K. Salazar, not that I think it will do much good.:-(

Chele said...

I think that's a great idea. I'll send one, too. Certainly can't hurt.