Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mikro on Eating - Food Change Disease

One of my imaginary cows got this disease called Food Change and changed its diet. The disease made tiny creeks in its brain. It started eating meat at age 7. Only animals that recover will eat their normal diet again. Meat eaters and omnivores can also catch that disease. The omnivores only eat insects then. That's not a normal omnivore diet. And the meat eater, when it gets Food Change, it becomes a plant eater. Weird?!? Belephants used to be meat eaters but then they all got Food Change and they only ate plants. Belephants are some kind of small little dinosaur. I usually like to pretend that my bookworm is a belephant.

I think Mikro's brain is once again puzzling over why he and I are vegetarian, but dad is an omnivore...

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