Thursday, March 5, 2009

Polar Weekend

(Another late post, still trying to cope with two hard drives deciding now would be a good time to fail... This is from February 8th.)

At AMNH, we: learned about global climate change, melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels; saw a polar bear skull; touched penguin feathers-- both black and downy ones; built a rock nest and filled it with a real (infertile, blown out) penguin egg; went inside an arctic "helo hut" and a Saami tent with animal pelt floor; learned about the topographic features of Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic under all the ice; saw ourselves on FLIR and observed the effects of painting our faces with ice cubes to lower the temperature; watched Central Park Zoo's performance about penguins & polar bears.


Kate in NJ said...

You always have such fun field trips!!

Chele said...

I am all about the field trips! I suspect I may enjoy homeschooling even more than Mikro does... Who knew how much fun learning together could be!