Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love Your River at Beczak

We spent Valentines day at Beczak Environmental Education Center in Yonkers, where we learned about the Hudson River and made Valentines.

The kids were supposed to make 2-- one for someone special, and one for the Hudson River. We went beachcombing for collage materials, then set to work on our creations.

Mikro made a Valentine for me, and because we were crunched for time, I made one for the Hudson.

We also did an acrostic for HUDSON RIVER. These are Mikro's words:

H: heron
U: underwater animals
D: ducks
S: seagulls
O: osprey
N: net

R: rats
I: insects
V: virus
E: eggs
R: rowboat.

And of course, V is also for Valentine...

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