Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homeschooling Update

Some of what wwe've been up to lately...


Introduction to fractions; plane, point and line symmetry; estimation; measurement (the measuring monkey game he got for Christmas was a hit); and/or statements and truth tables: introducing mathematical logic concepts; simple addition and subtraction; introducing exponents and large numbers. We are talking about the concepts and laying a framework, rather than concentrating on memorization of math facts.


World Water Monitoring Day; Project FeederWatch; evolution; animal classification; animal anatomy (he likes Raw Anatomy-- the animal autopsy show); water cycle; seasons, solstices, equinoxes; lots of Bill Nye and other science videos on You Tube.



Lots of Henry & Mudge, Dr. Seuss, etc., Tumblebooks on the computer, and this beloved read aloud:


Kandinsky at the Guggenheim; National Museum of the American Indian: Beauty Surrounds Us, Identity By Design, Song for the Horse Nation; lots of seasonal crafts, drawing, playdough, creating and building with Legos and K'nex (sculpture, sorta?) and some water color painting.



The Magna Carta at Fraunces Tavern, the Declaration of Independence, feudalism, Divine Right of Kings, the American Revolution; colonialism and the American Indians; the Iroquois esp. the Mohawks; family tree construction (and watching mom curse at, having reached a big fat dead end at my great great great grandfather, who I suspect is where the Mohawk ancestry comes in, and thus the glaring lack of documentation. Census forms that ask for all the people living at an address "except Indians" seriously irk me...)

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