Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mondays are Chemistry & Art

Chemistry was about dry ice, which is cooled and compressed carbon dioxide. Dry ice goes from a solid state to a gaseous state when it warms up, a process called sublimation. The gas released can fill a balloon, make steam, and dry ice will freeze water in a spoon on contact.

It also can make a really cool cloud!

And if you drop dry ice in water, you make seltzer (which Mikro thinks tastes icky). The cup we're drinking from is thermochromic -- that is, it changes color as the temperature changes. It stared out white and turned blue when the cold seltzer was added.

In art, the kids learned about Frida Kahlo's life and artwork, and then they made self portraits, with things in the background from their homes and culture that they love. Mikro's background is the Dinosaur Halls at the AMNH.

To quote Kahlo, in the wake of her life altering accident:

"I'm still alive, and besides, I have something to live for, and that something is painting."

Painting kept me sane after my accident, and gave me a purpose in dark days when pain seemed to define my world. And then I had Mikro, and figured out how to find joy again. I'm grateful for painting, homeschooling, my supportive husband and my amazing son. Without a doubt, I have a lot to live for!

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