Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mondays are Chemistry & Art

Chemistry was about light and things that glow under black light, like luminol and some other chemical compounds, and certain colors. After playing around a bit and observing under black light common items like their clothing and worksheets they had colored, the kids were given bags of pipecleaners and asked to sort them into 2 piles: Those that they thought would glow under blacklight, and those they thought wouldn't glow. Then they used the blacklight to check. They also sorted money based on certain characteristics that were given them for telling real from counterfeit, then checked themselves with blacklight. Fun stuff.

In art class, they made and decorated homemade sketchbooks and started filling them with drawings.

Sadly, these were the last classes for the semester. We are hoping to take another Mad Science class in January with our homeschooled friends. The next topic will be Spy Science.