Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NYCHEA History Fair

We went to NYCHEA's History Fair, intending to watch and see how it was done so Mikro could participate next year. The format was a quiz show, and the kids gave clues about what historical personage they were, so that the audience could guess. Mikro was so enthused by this, that he asked if he could take part. So we quickly concocted some clues, and up he went.

Here are the clues:

  • I lived 400 years ago.
  • I was English, but I sailed for the Dutch.
  • I was looking for a Northwest Passage.
  • I was killed in a mutiny.
  • There is a river named after me.

Got it yet?

The final clue:
  • My ship was the Half Moon.

So, who was he?

Henry Hudson!

Who else would we pick, given all the quadricentennial stuff we've done this year?

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