Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nature Is For the Birds

Homeschool Nature Class was about bird habitats. The kids visited various habitats, armed with binoculars, and hecked out the birds to be found there.

Up in the meadow, we saw crows and two harriers, all too far off to photograph. In the trees near the park office, we saw what Scott identified as a flycatcher. At the Croton boat launch, we saw swans, geese and seveal species of ducks. And back at the nature center, in the "edge" near the feeders, we saw nuthatches, sparrows, titmice and chickadees. And a pair of chipmunks.

After class, we explored the park and goofed around on the playground.

It looks like winter is finally coming. We had the warmest November I can remember, but there are signs of what is to come...

Our feeders are well stocked in anticipation of the coming season, and for Project Feederwatch, a citizen science project of the Cornell Ornithology Lab, which promises to be great fun.

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