Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas/Solstice for the Birds

Our shortest day was short indeed, since we got up late after staying up last night to see the eclipse reach totality... Today we took care of our animal friends. First we topped up the feeders, then we made birdseed ornaments for our little evergreen shrub/tree. Last time I tried this, Mikro was completely turned off by the texture of the peanut butter, and I had to do all the work. Today? And I quote: "Ooh, gross. Gross is good!" He had a blast. He's come a long way in dealing with his sensory issues. We used peanut butter for some of the squares, and Crisco for others. We finished fairly late this afternnon. I hope the ornaments survive through the night so the birds can enjoy them all day tomorrow... But the night critters may end up feasting instead...


Anet said...

Nice treats for the birds!
We made some last year on the solstice. This weekend we were in Chicago and much too tired to think of our feathered friends. We'll have to do something nice for them for Christmas.
I did manage to get our solstice ice candle made before we left:)

"...Gross is good." I love it!

melismama said...

Love this idea. We have several trees outside we can use. I think we might have to do this tomorrow! Thanks for the idea....BTW, we live a little North of you in Orange County!