Monday, December 27, 2010

A Merry Mikro Christmas

Mikro had a fun Christmas. Kev and I sort of sleep-walked our way through it, as we were more disorganized even than last year, and ended up staying up pretty much all night... But we pulled it off, mostly, which is what matters!

Santa Claus brought Mikro a Lego Star Wars kit. Mom went nuts on science kits and (mostly educational) games, and Dad picked up some just for fun toys, a tank and an RC monster truck and some army guys...

One of his favorite gifts was the 3D Dinosaur model kit. He put that together right away, with a little help & hinting from his Dad.

Other favorites were the Banshee from Avatar, and the legos Santa brought. He really likes the Robox book and put-together-a-robot blocks. And he was nearly ecstatic about Periodic Table of the Elements cards (which he is hugging in the photo below)... There were also books-- Horrible Histories, Horrible Science and Murderous Maths all the way from England (and Mom is keeping the Royal Mail bag...) Speaking of which, the plastic tie that held the mail bag shut proved to be one of his favorite things to play with, as did the wrapping paper, which made a cool greco/roman helmet (thanks, Daddy!), confetti, and a pile to hide in...

Some quotes from my little monkey:

"Dad, help me find the correct components so I can assemble this."
"I can always locate the Santa gift, because the wrapping paper is unique."
"I'm going to pretend the raptor is male and doesn't have the ovaries."
"This book has been processed." (In a robot voice.)
"Can we open the physics kit, please? Now? I want to do the experiments!"
"Don't forget to say happy birthday to Jesus, Mom!"

We never did find the box with the Christmas stockings, so I improvised... Mikro's new snow boots were a decent substitute.

Merry Christmas!

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