Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beachy Birthday Fun

Yesterday was Mikro's big day, and once again my spine refused to get with the plan, so we bagged our field trip, and headed to our local park. Kev took the day off, and in what is becoming a birthday tradition, he and Mikro had a foam sword fight on the beach. We did some birthday beach combing, complete with gifts from Old Father Hudson. (We found a crayfish fishing lure and a raptor claw shaped bit of sea glass, which are likely to become necklaces for Mikro.) Afterward, we tried to find the resident (but elusive) owl population. (We could hear them, but the foliage was thick enough that we couldn't catch sight of them...) On a rain-in-the-forecast Monday morning, we had the park nearly to ourselves.

At home, we played some board games. Stixx is fast becoming a Mikro favorite.

Mikro was in an experimental mood this week, so I picked up spaghetti squash (which we had never tried before) for dinner. Silly me, the squash was too big for any pot we own. That made for adventures in the kitchen, as did our as yet unsuccessful quest for the beaters for my hand mixer, which Kev washed and put away (perhaps in an alternate dimension) after my last foray into Gluten Free baking... So, plans for a dinosaur cake on indefinite hold till the appliances cooperate, we once again indulged in the ridiculously rich and delicious vegan and GF fudge that Mikro adores, this time with candles.

At bedtime, I got a huge hug and was told that he had a great birthday (and he really wanted to stay up till midnight, to see it through to the very end, but we chased him upstairs anyway...) Since the schools are off this week for spring break, and it is Mikro's considered opinion that his birthday deserves at least that prolonged a celebration, I'm letting him slack off a little on academics, in favor of playing with the birthday loot. He's already into the LEGOs, and is hatching plans with his dad for a robot building project...

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Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

Happy Birthday to Mikro! Sounds like a great day. The robotsand Lego sound like a great way to spend some free time.