Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nature Class with Urban Park Rangers

We had a great time today at our Urban Park Rangers class at Central Park. The park is full of beautiful spring flowers, and birds galore. Today's class topic was bird behavior, and we had some very cool encounters. A Great Egret flew up and perched within feet of us, then took off and circled around overhead. Gorgeous! We watched a double crested cormorant preening, and saw a variety of birds on our walk, including starlings, grackles, and downy woodpeckers. Near the water there were mallards. We saw a lone male attempt to steal a mate from another male, and watched him get driven off. Soon the original pair were reunited and things were just ducky.
(Sorry, couldn't resist...) After class, the kids played together on the big rocks and at the playground. We left just in time to miss subway rush hour madness...

We even had some lucky sightings on our way to and from class. On the way down, we saw a little green heron in our parking lot wetland area (and I have never seen one around here before, though I have seen them in Florida), and we saw the Clearwater sailing up the Hudson River. On our way home, we saw redwinged backbirds in the trees around the wetlands, singing their hearts out. We drove home singing along to river songs on our favorite Broad Old River 2 CD.

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