Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nature Class with Urban Park Rangers

Mikro is now taking a series of nature classes with NYC's Urban Park Rangers in Central Park. There are 3 sessions on ornithology, and one each on geology and arbology. This week, it was birds. Mikro and I arrived an hour early, explored a garden, ate lunch, and bird watched until class time.

The kids got to examine (and touch) several different types of nests, listened to the sounds of a native american flute, took a nature hike, and used a spotting scope to study the nest of NYC's most famous red-tailed hawk, Pale Male. Then they went looking for nests (and I spotted a house sparrow emerging from a tree cavity nest, but unfortunately, did not have my camera ready for that. It looked so cute with its head popping up out of the hole!) After class, the kids romped in the park while the moms chatted (and I sat around on the periphery trying not to yell in pain... Hopefully they don't think I'm antisocial, but it was a baaaaad pain day. It was cold and damp till mid-afternoon, and dampness is not my friend).

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

What a fun day and your bird pictures are great.