Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday Science at SMLI

Before Science on Friday, Mikro and some friends found an Italian Wall Lizard. They were gentle, but there were many boys and one tiny lizard, which became frightened and used its amazing defense mechanism. It detached its tail, hoping to distract what it must have seen as predators. The tail fragment writhes and wriggles, providing a diversion to aid its escape... It continued to wriggle for 20 minutes. Yeah, I'm a homeschooling mom. I timed it. They released the poor stump-tailed critter near ample leaf litter for cover. Mikro was sad that the poor thing was scared enough to drop its tail, but grateful to have seen one of the wonders of nature up close and personal... My tail wriggle video is probably not for the very squeamish...

Class was about Betta Fish behavior and fish printing.

And there was exploring the woods with friends, catching and observing critters, dandelion wishes, and lizard lover's dreams come true...

On the way to & from SMLI, we saw the Clearwater sailing, and met a commuter snail (just kidding, but he was hanging out on a wall at the train station!)

Look at all that green! Finally spring!

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