Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Bday Celebration

We celebrated Mikro's birthday a day early, at our local park. He got some Lego and robot stuff, a few games, and lots of books and videos. (Can you tell we're homeschoolers?)

My little paleontology obsessed boy is going to love these books:

We had a picnic lunch (and Mikro experienced a faux cheese sandwich for the first time in his life! Totally GFCF!), but it was windy up on the point near the Nature Center, so we moved on to the gazebo for a yummy alternative to cake: GFCF fudge. Delicious! Then we headed to the playground for a bit.

And then came the wondrous part of the day. We took a nature walk, and saw lots of birds and new spring growth, but most incredibly of all, a group of about 10 American Kestrels hunting over the meadow. They only let us get within 100 yards of them, so my photos are all on maximum zoom, but what an incredible sight it was! Quite a birthday gift from Mother Nature, since Kestrels are Mikro's favorite raptor.

Happy trails, Mikro, wherever they lead! I hope your upcoming ninth year on the planet is full of joy, adventure and learning.

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