Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Brain at the American Museum of Natural History

On Monday afternoon, we went to Mikro's most favorite place: AMNH. We wanted to see The Brain (or as Kev called it, "The Zombie Food Exhibit", before it closes on August 15th.

All of us learned something new, and there were plenty of hands on activities to keep Mikro's interest. He particularly enjoyed the light table where you try to make connections between neurons, and the stacking blocks puzzle. Kev was annoyingly proficient at the mirror drawing task, which Mikro gave up on, and I failed at miserably on both tries.

Afterwards, Mikro raced around the fountain while Kev and I rested our tired feet. To his great delight, before our timeslot for the Brain exhibit, we had time to tour the reptiles room. Here, on the theme of natural oddities, are a Surinam toad with her young emerging from her back, and Mikro, with a head massager for a hat. He got that, a skeleton model kit, and a "squishy brains" kit at the gift shop...

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