Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Night (Hurricane) Irene, and Good Riddance!

We were lucky here. One very large tree limb down, but it didn't hit anything. The downspout came off the side of the house and fell on our trash cans. No damage there, either, just a trip up a ladder for Kev when the weather is calm. The neighbors' yard is at a lower grade than ours and got all the run off. It looks like a flooded rice paddy. But so far, that's the worst on our block.

Apparently there are people in the village without power, some trees and power lines down, and maybe some flooding. All the Hudson River parks are still closed. It's still pretty windy, and more rain is expected, but it's not scary anymore. Just a typical summer rain, at this point. Whew. Stay safe everyone, but at least in NY, I think the worst is over!

But my heart breaks for the mom in North Carolina whose little boy was killed by a falling tree. And for everyone else harmed by this storm. I have been hugging my little boy a lot today.

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FairyLover said...

I'm glad you made it through with only minor damage. We had a bit of water in the basement. But I guess that is normal for this house. We also lost a large tree limb. Bob is going to cut it up tomorrow to make our first wood pile. I'm really glad it wasn't more than it was. As brand new homeowners, we were really worried, especially when we realized that our insurance has a huge deductible for hurricane damage. But we survived. I hope everyone is able to get back home quickly with lights and minimal damage.