Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lingering Storm

Things have kicked up again here. High winds, lots of trees down, mudslides onto the railroad trcks. I doubt most of Westchester County is going to work tomorrow. Metro North reports heavy flooding of stations on the Hudson line. Our station parking lot was badly flooded, and the train bridge at the south end of the station was under water... NYC subways may not be back yet for the morning rush either...

It looks like bizarre version of late October. The street is littered with leaves, only they are green...

Ugh, winds are picking up even more. I hate the wind.

Our local paper,, has a live chat feature running on their homepage, with storm updates. They just confirmed that our village police are out on the Hudson (though the helicopters seem to be over the Croton), attempting to rescue someone who was out on the river in the storm in a kayak or on a raft. Really people? Way to risk not only your own life, but the emergency responders' lives as well! Why don't people just stay inside if it isn't a real emergency!? Even if the river weren't surging with record levels of rain and extremely high winds, the downed trees and other debris likely to be floating along are not something anyone shoud be out there playing around in!

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jugglingpaynes said...

Don't you just hate when an unwelcome guest doesn't know when to leave? :o)

I hate the winds too. I haven't really slept since the storm moved into the area. We must have had a flash flood overnight. I've only seen the water go over the road once since I moved here, but I know the signs. It left a deep gauge along my neighbors fence and carried cinder blocks and large rocks at least 30 feet. I'm going to see if I can get pictures tomorrow.

Peace and Laughter (because we need it!),