Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Space Sightings

One of my husband's best friends (Mikro's godfather) got a new job nearby and took an apartment locally, so we now are lucky to see him more often. Last night, after we all went out for coffee together, we stood outside my house staring up at the amazingly clear post-hurricane sky. There seemed to be many more stars visible than usual. Wonder if that's because there is less light pollution with the lingering power outages? Earlier, from the restaurant parking lot, we had seen the International Space Station arc overhead. Now, we were treated to the sight of several meteors falling. Mikro was thrilled! His first space rock sightings! We also saw Jupiter and Cassiopeia.


Lisa said...

that is so cool! we like to watch the perseids when we don't have fog cover. i want to show my kids the space station but we are blanketed with fog these days!
have a great week

jugglingpaynes said...

It definitely has to do with less light pollution. That's why we usually go to the cemetery for meteor showers. Don't know how that sounds to outsiders, but skywatching enthusiasts understand!

Peace and Laughter!