Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Fun

Our summer is shaping up to be about swimming, reading, and fun field trips. I am horribly behind in posting our adventures because both Kev and I have been taking hundreds of photos, and sorting and editing is a daunting task...

So far, I think Mikro's most favorite Summer 2011 things are:

  • Swimming at Silver Lake and playing on the beach and in the water with friends
  • Luigi's Italian Ices: Banana Chocolate Swirl and Cherry Chocolate Swirl
  • Time Warp Trio books
  • Jean Fritz American history stories
  • The movie Rio, which we finally saw on DVD
  • Seeing our little hummingbird visitor multiple times
  • Going to the American Museum of Natural History
  • Playing with hexbugs
  • Building a skeleton model
Mikro's swimming has really gotten stronger. He has swum across the river (and through the current) to Alligator Rock, and loves swimming all the way out to the far rope on the other side of the jetty. He's jumping off the Diving Board Rock and Alligator Rock (and no longer freaks out when his face gets wet.) In his lessons, there was another kid at close to his level. She is slightly more advanced, and he strove mightily to keep up with her. Having a challenge pushed him forward, and I am thrilled to report that he can now retrieve dive sticks while wearing googles and pinching his nose shut, and can do the dead man's float (face down in the water.) This is huge for him, and I am thinking we may see swimming underwater happen soon! I've enjoyed having Kev around more, especially quiet days where we just hang out together as a family near one of our favorite rivers... And those italian ices. Yum!

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