Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2nd Quarter Math

Lots happening. Mikro's conceptual understanding of all four basic math operations is solid. He has an easy time with multiplication, and has a lot of the tables fairly solidly committed to memory. He understands that division is the inverse operation, and can work out simple division problems. We have just barely introduced the idea of long division.

He does not like addition or subtraction (but he enjoys multiplication and division, go figure!) and is very sloppy with them. He still doesn't instinctively grasp what makes a ten. He has to work it out every time. We are going to continue working on mental math and solidifying the foundations. He is far more interested in more complex math like algebra and geometry, but I know that a sloppy start will hinder him in pursuing higher math, so I am trying to get him to focus on the basics, though he wants to charge ahead. I'm going to use his desired complex stuff as the reward for completing the mundane, I think... I don't want him to end up in the gifted but sloppy category like I did.

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