Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My kid is actually *eating*!!!

If I could, I'd throw him a parade! Picky food allergic boy is making huge progress.

Today he had spicy lentils and falafel!

Yesterday he ate spinach dal!

The day before, he begged for rice and beans.

He likes butternut squash, sweet potatoes and spinach! Carrots and beets are not of the devil. Broccoli, regular potatoes and green beans are, unfortunately. He will eat salad mix (though nothing too bitter or kicky. He picks out the arugula for me or the lizard...)

Potatoes and eggs are a favorite, as is rice crust pizza with spinach & soy cheese. He also loves bean enchilladas and veggie tacos. And as ever, soy yogurt (now in a variety of flavors with fruit in them, not just vanilla!) and hummus and GF breadstciks.

The kid who wouldn't do crunchy now eats GFCF granola bars and potato chips!

The kid who hated fruit will now eat bananas, fresh raspberries (he'll pick 'em off the bushes in summer), canteloupe and applesauce. But he still hates strawberries, oranges, watermelon, non-mushed up apples, blueberries and pineapple.

He loves Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Mint SILK soy milk. (I still can't get him to drink almond or rice milk.)

He's interested in earning to cook and being helpful in the kitchen. He is actually looking around when we shop for things he would be interested in trying! Aliens have obviously inhabited his body...

And OMG, it is cheaper to bulk order lots of gluten and dairy free foods from Amazon than to drive to my supermarket and pick them up. I just bulk ordered a bunch of vegan and gluten free veggie soups from Amy's Organics, and OrgraN falafel mix, and gluten free spaghetti, and I've forgotten what else. (And I got lots of holiday treats from Vegan Essentials- Hurray for vegan marshmallows!)

Now to reorganize my entire kitchen to make it all fit... Mikro will be well fed this winter, and I am freaking ecstatic!


FairyLover said...

Can you please send him over to teach Dakota how to eat. He still does not eat anything except macaroni and cheese. And I know he is allergic to the cheese.

I swear Amazon has everything. He needed a part for our washer the other day and we found it on Amazon. I got three packages today from Amazon. Love their stuff, but hate their packaging. They used a box about 3 inches by 8 inches by 9 inches to ship a card. A CARD!!!

Hopefully we will see you at Beczak on the 11th. Do you know what time you are going? They said it is drop in all day.


jugglingpaynes said...

I briefly imagined the bearded dragon under the table, "helping" Mikro finish his salad!

As they grow, they seem to fall in and out of love with certain foods. I'm certainly kept on my toes around here, trying to figure out what everyone likes!

Peace and Laughter!